my idaho baby shower

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 20th was a fun day for both Derrick and I.
After his 100 mile bike ride in the morning/day, I had an evening with some of my favorite girls.
They threw me a beautiful outdoor baby shower!!
The whole party was adorable in every detail.
The decor was handmade, the food was delish, and the games were so fun:)
These girls put so much effort into making this so perfect and I couldnt have appreciated it more.
After living in the the great state of Idaho for 2 1/2 years,
I have made some wonderful friends.
I love you chicas so much!! Thank you so much Jessica, Kimber, Brandee, Crystal, and Serena for putting this all together and making me and baby boy feel so dang special.
Thank you Rick and Melanie for having such a gorgeous backyard that we can party in.
And thank you to everyone that came and joined in the festivities, it was a sweet day!

the day derrick cycled 100 miles

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ever since Derrick got his new bike and participated in the Bike Tour in SLC back in April,
he has been dying to ride in the Century Tour.
The Century means 100 miles.
I was kinda surprised that he was looking forward to putting himself through that,
he worked really hard to prepare himself for this ride.
On Saturday, August 20th, we woke up earlier than I've allowed my preggo self in a while.
Derrick was super excited and not even nervous.
And I must say, he looked pretty good in those spandex shorts;)

The race was called The heART of Idaho hosted by the Art Museum of Idaho.
Look how fierce he looks at 7am just before the ride. hehe

There were lots of other cyclists there who were just as excited as he was.

After he rode off and I got in my car to go home.. it being only 7:15am.. I thought "Hey, I'm up early, I can get so much done before 10!".... but I admit that my preggo fatigue got the best of me and I went home and napped for a a couple of hours. And ya know what?- it felt so nice:)
When I woke up I did some housework and waited til Derrick gave me a call to say he was riding nearby.

This is him after 85 miles! He'd been on that bike for 5 1/2 hours and was still smiling and going strong.
He stopped for a sec and drank lots of water. He said cardio-wise he felt fine, but his legs were dying!

6 hours and 50 minutes later, with 100 miles behind him, Derrick completed his race!
He was sooo tired and thirsty! I was so proud of him:)
At the finish line there was a party with everyone who had raced and supported.
Derrick got a free massage that he loved and needed...
I tried to sneak one in for me, and I would have succeeded
but they didnt have the pregnancy massage tables for my huge belly.. haha
It was nice to enjoy a yummy BBQ while listening to the live band.
Good job my love!

my california baby shower

Monday, August 22, 2011

Although wedding week in California was crazy busy,
my sisters were so amazing and took time to throw me a beautiful shower.
The theme was The Very Hungry Caterpillar: there was so much color,
the music was perfect, and the food even went with the theme.
It was so nice to see close friends and family, we laughed a lot and had a blast!
Thank you soooo much Kari and Lauryn for putting the whole thing together.
With both of their minds combined, it was creative and beautiful and i felt so loved:)
Thanks Madi for helping them out even when I know you had homework!
And thank you momma for all the food and letting us have it at your lovely home.
Our little boy is so blessed to already have such loving Aunties and Grandma.
All of my friends that came gave such sweet advice and thoughtful gifts.
Thanks everyone! All 3 of us love you mucho muchisimo!! xo

Mr and Mrs David Stephan...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Derrick and I went to California for a week to spend time with the Stephan family and to get ready for

my brother's wedding!

It was such a busy week. A beautiful wedding takes work! But it was well worth it. Their day was perfect. Being in the temple and seeing my brother get married made me shed a couple of tears,

but happy tears of course:)

David and Rebecca were married on August 13, 2011 at the San Diego temple at 10:26am to be exact.

They make a beautiful couple. I am so happy for them and happy to have a new sister too:)

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