the day our little Beckham was born...

Friday, October 14, 2011

On Saturday, September 24th 2011 at 10:24 am this little baby came into our lives.
From the moment I heard him cry I fell in love with our little baby Beckham.

It started on Wednesday, September 21st- Derrick and I attended a child birth class. We learned about what to do when contractions start, what the epidural is like, what dad can do to be supportive and helpful during labor. It was very much needed. Little did we know that the next night I would be up with non stop pre labor pains. We had friends over that Thursday night and I was feeling some crampy pains in my belly. As the night went on they got worse. I spent the entire night with horrible contractions. I'd be in breath taking pain for a few minutes and then I'd be fine for a few minutes. Luckily Derrick had learned some techniques in our labor class about how to calm me by rubbing my back a certain way and putting pressure on my knees and hips. It helped me get through each contraction, but they just kept coming. Finally at 2:30am Derrick called the hospital and told them about my pain and contractions, they said it was probably false labor and suggested that I take a warm bath. I was so frustrated! I didn't think a bath would do much but Derrick needed to get up early for work the next day and hadn't gotten any sleep yet because of my issues. So I distracted myself for about a half hour in the tub. But as soon as I got out and back in bed the contractions continued. When the sun came up the next day and I still hadn't slept, I batted my lashes and asked (more like begged) Derrick not go to work and stay with me. I was scared of how I felt, I couldn't go more than twenty minutes without feeling horrible pain and I didn't want to be alone. We spent the whole day trying to relax, but I couldn't. Derrick and I took walks throughout the day to help ease the pain and bring on labor. We decided that by the end of the night, we would go to the hospital just to be safe, and because I didn't want to go through another night like before. We packed for the hospital and left about 10pm Friday night. When we showed up, and they asked how they could help us, I felt awkward saying "Umm I think I might be having a baby soon..." They took us to a room and the nurse checked to see how dilated I was. She said I was at a four and that it looked like we'd be staying the night. I remember being shocked and saying something like, "So I'm having my baby tonight??" She said that the baby would be here in the next 24 hours. Derrick and I were ecstatic!! I'll never forget his excitement, "I'm gonna be a dad!". While we were getting started in the hospital, my parents happened to be on their way up to see us from California. My dad had some work business in Park City and figured they'd stay with us a couple days before then. So after being in the hospital for only an hour, my parents arrived. It was such a blessing to have them there. My whole pregnancy we kept saying how it was too bad we didn't know exactly when the baby would be here so they could be here too. But Heavenly Father is awesome and inspired my parents to come to see us that weekend. After saying hello, my parents went back to our house for the night and Derrick and I stayed in the hospital. The epidural was conveniently put in before I was in too much pain so I was able to rest and have a good night's sleep.But because I was so anxious, nervous, and excited.. I didn't sleep much.I just kept looking at the monitor that showed my contractions and baby's heartbeat.Derrick slept just fine. haha The next morning around 9am I was dilated to a ten and was ready to push! We had an amazing nurse, she made me feel strong and calm. Derrick was amazing too, he held my hand and encouraged me through the whole delivery. And at 10:24am we heard Beckham's cry for the first time.They put him on my chest, I held him and laughed and cried, I've never been so happy!! The feeling is indescribable. It was such a special day, I dont think we could ever forget that experience.
We love you so much Beckham!!

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