A Sunny Spring Break

Monday, April 23, 2012

April is awesome because its the month we get to go on vacay for Spring Break!  
With the semester being over, Beckham and I got to have Derrick all to ourselves:) 
 And just like last year, we spent our time in California with my family.  
So of course, we spent lots of time at the beach! 
We hung out at the Huntington Beach Pier, browsed the shops, and ate at Ruby's on the pier.

Me and my beautiful sisters!! I love these gals more than they know!

The guys chatting about who knows what..  I love that Derrick and my dad are so close! 
 Whether it's about cars, exercise, athletics, finances... these two always have something to talk about.
And because there were so many of us chicas, the two of them took a few opportunities to sneak out and do 'guy things'.. 

Beckham was totally spoiled by grandma and grandpa.  
After this trip he went through withdrawals... he wanted to be held 24/7!  
(Ay chihuahua....)

We also visited Corona del Mar.  Derrick had never seen the tide pools! And Beckham set foot on the sand for his very first time.

Back at my parents house Beckham looooved being in the pool!  From the second we set him in, he was totally content.  He loved floating around and playing with his sunglasses.

He loved the park too, here he is swinging with grandpa.

Easter Sunday was sooo fun! We had lots of family over. 
 I had so much fun seeing them all that I completely spaced and didn't even pull my camera :(  
But my mom snapped these while all the kids were hunting for eggs.  

 Here we are on our last day, at the beach again!... Newport Beach this time, we ate at the Crab Cooker (of course) and then watch the sunset on the pier. It was a perfect ending to another fantastic vacay:)


  1. your family is absolutely beautiful and i don't think i can begin to express how much i want your hair. it is amazing. :)

  2. I agree with that tara girl, your hair is grogeous!! Looks like so much fun at the beach with the fam!!

    1. haha Thanks Sal! We did have a lot of fun:)


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