Short and Sweet

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Derrick had his last three day weekend of the semester and because my parents are AWESOME... they flew us out for a short trip to California.  This was Beckham's first flight! He was sooo sleepy when we got on the plane and was only content when Derrick would stand up with him.  (ps: How do babies just KNOW when you're sitting or standing? And why does it matter to them so much anyway??) Anywho when the time came for us to sit down and buckle up, Beckham was happy and laughing.  But that didn't last too long.  After a few impatient minutes, he was NOT having it.  He cried out of sleepiness and frustration for 5 minutes that felt like 5 hours.  Derrick and I just looked at just at each other and realized that we were now those people on an airplane with a screaming baby. But the torture didn't last long.  After we took off, Beckham fell asleep and didn't wake up until we landed:)

When we landed we were greeted at the Long Beach Airport by my family.  We headed to Harbor House Cafe and at a yummy breakfast.  Then we ran across the street to a cute little farmer's market.

And since we were in the OC area we decided to visit the grandparents.  We took a 4 generation picture with my sweet and beautiful Grandma Winnie.  

Beckham loved being strolled around at the beach!  He totally skipped nap time just to enjoy time with us.  How thoughtful of you little Beckham.

In that quick weekend we went to Balboa, did some shopping, the boys went to the movies, we had a delicioso Mexicana meal, went to church, watched Modern Family, played Pounce, went to Lucille's, gabbed and laughed about life, and us ladies got pedi's and mani's! 
We definitely made the most out of that weekend! It was short but it was oh so sweet:)

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