Weekend in Island Park

Monday, February 13, 2012

Every year we look forward to going to Island Park with all of the Likes family.  
It was especially fun this year because we actually had some real live SNOW to play in!  
(I'm not even joking.. it's the middle of Feb and we're barely getting snow at home!).  
Going snowmobiling is what I look forward to most in IP! The first time I ever experienced it was when we were engaged.  Until then, I never knew what I had been missing out on.  There is just something freeing about breezing through the white powdery snow with no care in the world.  Derrick let me sit in the front for part of the ride and lets just say I might have stood up with eyes closed, arms and the air, and yelled,"I'm the king of the world!!".... but like I said.. I only MIGHT have done that... ;)
Beckham enjoyed the snow too! We got him all layered and bundled up and took him outside.  
He loved it.  It was so white and beautiful he just stared at it.  

And because Beckham has been into tasting almost anything lately, 
we had him try out the snow.  I think he liked it.
The cabin we stay at is perfectly secluded and well equipped for a whole gang of us.  
We played games and ate way too much:) 
Some of us got a little worn out from all the fun.
Sunday just isn't the same without a good old fashioned church service. So it's pretty awesome that anywhere we go there is usually an LDS church nearby! The church in Island Park is very used to having tourists there.  The entire gym was packed full of visitors. 
 Then before we left, we took the traditional Likes family picture on the stairs :)  

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