Baby Bump Update : 30 weeks!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dear Baby Boy...

Although you aren't born yet, we love you so much!

We talk about you a lot already and wonder things like: What should we call you? Who will you look more like? What kind of things will you like to do? Will you be fussy or calm? Will you like taking trips and meeting new people? Will we know how to hold you and how to keep you happy? Who will change your diapers the most? (well.. it'll probably mostly be me since your dad will be hard at work and school for us everyday. He's the best.)

You are already a very active little boy in the womb. You like to have your feet right in my ribs, usually on the right side. It doesn't make sitting very comfortable so I have to sit arched back and stretch out my arms a lot. But I am glad I can feel you moving so much even though sometimes I think you are getting to big for me already!

Your dad and I sometimes feel my belly and wonder what body part of yours we are feeling. It's a fun game, and we'll never know if we are right about our guesses. One of your dad's favorite things to do is to involve you in our decision making. He'll ask you a question, put his hand on my belly and then say "Okay baby, kick once for yes or twice for no" or he'll say, "Kick once if you agree with mom, or twice if you agree with me". You're usually on my side:)

These are some pics from our first family photo shoot, can you tell how excited we are that you are on your way?

We love you baby boy! See you in less than 10 weeks:) xoxo Mom

(Thank you Tara for your amazing photography skills! Check out her blog )


  1. Okay Bryana, these are seriously the CUTEST maternity pictures I've ever seen- you look GORGEOUS!!!

  2. WOW! I love love love your maternity photo shoot so much. I don't think i have seen such beautiful photos of two people in love having a baby...and i love your letter to your baby boy too.
    Congrats to you are such a gorgeous mother-to-be!


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