The Fourth

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1. We're not sure what this hollowed star was for but Lauryn and Alex foundsome shade in it, it was a hot day in IF!
2. Cousins! Alex, Lauryn, Kacie, and Chelsey (with the temple in the background:)
3. Revolutionary Berry! So delish.
4. Elote Loco:) Besides the fireworks and American pride.. this is one thing we look forward to most on the fourth.
5. It's raspberry lemonade.. but whatever it is we are drinking or doing, we always tend to look a little party hardy.
6. Funnel Cake is like a festival/fair necessity, right? right.
7. Hubby and I cuddled on a picnic blanket while watching the fireworks. It was lovely.
8. Baby boy enjoyed the show too, he was kicking like crazy. Next year we'll have to take him to see them for real!
9. My cousin Courtney is preggers with a boy too! Isn't she cute? I wish I would've gotten a pic of her and her hubby together! He made some bomb-diggity hamburgers for us! (thanks again guys!!)
10-12. Sparklers!!! We love these! Lovely Laura, my adorable hubby, and the cute couple:)

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  1. I hope I look as good as you when its my time to be preggers. Adorbs. xo


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