Baby Bump Update: 35 Weeks!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

35 weeks and I am seriously going to POP!
I was just going to post the norm, but I haven't posted any pics of my bare belly
and I think that it's about time I did. One day I am going to show this pic to Baby Boy when he is a rebellious teen. It'll most likely be during one of the guilt trip talks, "I carried you in my womb for NINE dreadful months!!!.." .. haha. Who am I kidding, I wont need to do that!
He's going to perfect, right? :P
So here I am large and in charge.
I never thought my belly could stretch out so far!
Other women who have had boys, will stop me in the store and in elevators and say,
"Oh youre definitely having a boy, that thing just pops right out!"
And I'm like, "Yes.. yes it does."

Two weeks ago we went and got a 3D/4D ultrasound of our little guy!!
It was sooo exciting!
Look at those cheeks!! We are in love with his round little nose, and those lips:)
At first we were told the ultrasounds were like $100+ and I was so sad!
But then we heard that if we signed up for a pregnancy class
at Rosemark for $30 then we would get the ultrasound for free!
So we were like "HELLO!", who wouldn't do that??
Yesterday we went to the class. We thought it was going to be about child birth..
which I REALLY want us both totake so neither one of us freaks out or feels lost during labor.
But when we showed up, it ended up being a Post- partum class, talking about what happens after we bring baby home. Even though we weren't planning on taking that class, I am SOOO glad we did.
The teacher was very honest and graphic.. I have to admit i was pretty much in tears for most of it..
darn pregnancy hormones...
But honestly, just the realization of what physical and emotional things a woman has to go through.. it's kind of overwhelming. And this was AFTER delivery!
But hubby picked up on my emotions (thank heavens!)
and squeezed my hand and told me it would all be okay and he would be there every step of the way.
Yeah... I guess he's a keeper.
The delivery class isn't for 3 more weeks,
so hopefully Baby Boy stays put so we can go and learn about what is going to happen on the big day.
After the class we went to Toys R Us and finally bought a carseat!
Then out of all the places we could have gone to eat, I asked Derrick if we could go to IHOP.
haha.. I guess all that stress made me want some comfort food.
Derrick thought it was hilarious that we were drinking hot chocolate in August, but we loved it:)
We talked about how soon our lives will completely change.
I think it's hard for us to fully comprehend.
I am nervous about the delivery. I can admit that..
I am so glad Derrick will be there to help me through it all.
Who knows when the day will be! ... But when it's all said and done,
we will be a family of three:)

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  1. I know it's been a few years but if I looked like this at 35 weeks pregnant... I don't' think I ever would have been depressed! You are beautiful and glowing!


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