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Monday, January 16, 2012

He is just a week shy of 4 months old! 
Maybe I should just wait til then to post but I couldn't help it.  

Just recently, he has discovered his cute little feet.  

They are the first thing he grabs onto as soon as he wakes up.  

Remember when he was about 2 weeks old, his hair started to fall out?  He had an old man cul de sac look going on for a while, but not anymore! His hair is growing in dark and thick.

He hasn't completely rolled over yet.  
He rolls almost all the way but then his arm gets stuck and he doesn't exactly know where to go from there.  

So then he decides to gnaw on his hands.

I will most likely say this in every post about him, but it's just...
He is growing up so fast!! 
He is super curious and always wants to see whats going on.  He smiles at everyone but rarely at the camera because he just wants to know what that thing is thats always flashing at him!  Get used to it little boy, I can't stop capturing every second of your little life! You're the love of my life Beckham cake... i won't tell daddy if you won't.. xoxoxo

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