First Snowfall

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I cannot believe the winter right now.  I mean.. I'm not complaining or anything... but it has been WARM!.. okay warmER than last winter that's for sure.  Last week it started snowing, I surprised myself when I ran to the window and thought, "Yes it's finally here!".  So when Derrick got home we got Beckham bundled up and took him outside to document his first experience of snowflakes landing on his pretty little face.  He was totally chill, it was so cute!
 It was so sweet seeing my two favorite boys having a fun time outside.  

And now? The snow is gone!
But once again.. not complaining:)


  1. I love his hat! I might have to buy Sammy one :) He is so cute. Great pics!

  2. Thanks! I got it as a gift at my baby shower and didn't think I'd really have him wear it. But now I wanna buy him more! They have some cute ones at Baby Gap and Old Navy right now.


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