Christmas in Idaho

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This was our first Christmas in Idaho since we were married. 
We were pretty excited about making Christmas memories as a little family.  
Even though Beckham is too tiny to know it, we did everything to make his first Christmas super special.  

The night we brought home our first real tree was so much fun! We watched the Christmas devotional while we strung ornaments and listened to Michael Buble Christmas while we hung them.. then when baby boy was asleep we turned off all the lights and danced next to our brightly lit tree:)

Decorating cookies is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas time! Jessica and I tried to get super creative with our decorating skills... but then the boys got involved.... haha we had lots of fun though:)  Meanwhile, Derrick and Melanie made their traditional Swedish Rosettes, 
which turned out both beautiful and yummy.

 On Christmas Eve we had fun party at Grandma and Grandpa Esplin's house.  There was so much food and it was a packed house full of family. We had a sweet little Christmas program that I just loved! 
On that same day Beckham turned 3 months old!
My little boy is getting bigger and cuter every day!

We're pretty sure that Beckham's gift to us that night was sleeping for nine whole hours!  
It was so nice.  
Thank you for being so thoughtful with our Christmas gift this year son:)  

Waking up Christmas morning was so fun! Derrick and tip toed out of bed like little kids on Christmas morning and went in Beckham's room to wake him up.  I think he was surprised to wake up to mom and dad's smiling faces hovering over his crib.  When he opened his eyes we said,
 "Merry Christmas Beckham!"
... we were definitely more excited then he was, but he did give us a huge smile:)
It was pretty sweet that Christmas landed on a Sunday this year.  After opening gifts and playing with baby boy, we hurried and got ready for church.  The choir and primary kids put on a Christmas program that Melanie played the flute in. It was a perfect way to set the tone on Christmas day.

 We spent the rest of the day at Rick and Melanie's.  
The gift exchange was so much fun, everyone's gifts were so thoughtful and we loved them all!  
After gifts we had a delicious meal followed by lots of games and Italian sodas.  
It was an awesome Christmas day!
After Christmas the fun didn't end, we went to dinner, and looked at Christmas lights, had more game nights, and our favorite day was when we went to a festive sleigh ride, dinner, and a show at Mountain River Ranch.  The food was delish and we just had so much fun together.  
Christmas 2011 was a blast!! 

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  1. You got SO many cute Christmas pictures of Beckham. :) I wish we would have taken more of his first Christmas. Woops!!

    Also, those swedish rosettes look awesome!


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