Easter Sunday

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"He is not here: For he is risen." Matthew 28:6

Oh how I love Easter!!
The day was beautiful, the church messages were inspiring and thought provoking,
and we got to spend the day with family.
When we woke up that morning, Derrick and I were pretty anxious to exchange Easter baskets.
Since the weather was beauteous,
we went outside to the front porch with our baskets behind our backs.
Derrick pulled my basket from behind him and with humongous smile he said,
"Happy Valentine's Day!"
haha poor guy, with so many festivities he must get them all confused! I said, "....or Easter?"
He always makes me laugh.
After our lovely church meetings, we had Easter dinner at Derrick's parents house. My sister and her bf and friend came too. We played games had an egg hunt. It was a lovely Easter Day.

Our nieces, Kancee and Nakomi, loved hunting for eggs!

"Kiss my lucky egg!"

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