"The sun will come out tomorrow!"

Saturday, May 7, 2011

When i was a a kid, maybe around 5 or 6, I would watch a movie called 'Annie' every single day. It's a classic, about a little redheaded orphan who is spunky, sweet, and optimistic.
She would sing about tomorrow being a better day.
I'd like to think I learned a great deal from that little orphan,
considering I still know every song by heart.
Today I woke up with a cold, missing my mom for M Day, lots of house work,
school work, and church responsibilities to prepare for.. all of these things I love,
(minus being sick and missing my mama) but... just so much at once!
On top of it all, it was a gloomy, rainy day.
Well its no surprise that coming from sunny California,
the cold, frigid days in Idaho would begin to get a wee bit old.
And lately, just as soon as it warms up, it's either crazy windy or rainy:(
But I have not lost hope. For where a preggo woman can find Ben and Jerry's
Phish Food ice cream, there is hope. Have you tried this? It's amazazazing.
It's totally a splurge, but I can pull the hungry preggo chick card right?
You bet your bottom dollar:)

No, I didn't buy them BOTH for me.
The other was for my love:)

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