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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day was nice:)
Derrick spoke in church about mothers and he even mentioned me and our soon to be baby.
I told him that with M Day, our anniversary, AND my birthday all in the same month,
(and the fact that i am not exactly a true blue mama yet), he wasn't allowed to get me anything.
He surprised me with a beautiful heartfelt card. It was one of those Papyrus cards that are all
decked out with rhinestones and some artistic designs, i loved it.
But what he wrote inside was the sweetest part.
One thing I love about Derrick is that he always has a lot to say.
And since that is usually the case with me too,
we keep ourselves busy with convos about everything under the moon.
But when Derrick puts sweet thoughts on paper, I just melt.
He doesnt focus on being poetic or using fancy words to woo me, he's just honest and loving and I can
tell he puts so much thought in every word and that means the most to me.
Okay okay.. no more gushing!

Anywhooo.. I was also surprised to get a package in the mail from my amazing sister Kari!
She gave me a book called The Artistic Mother. I am so excited about it! It is a book that inspires and gives creative motivation to a mama with a busy life. There's so much to it that I wanna do.
I love Kari, she's so thoughtful and she always picks the best gifts:)

We had dinner at Derrick's parents house. We didnt want his mom to cook on her special day, so we had a bbq, Derrick's dad makes some delicious french fries in his dutch oven!
All of us kids volunteered to bring sides, but of course the one day we dont want
Melanie (his mom) to cook, our side dish did not turn out! I felt horrible!
I'm not even gonna say what it was that I did wrong, its too embarrassing... haha.
But the lovely thing about mothers is that they are so forgiving and loving no matter what.
I'm just glad we gave her a gift we know she'd love.
She deserved it, she's so good to all of us kids.
It's nice having one of our mom's so close to us.

I wish I could have seen and hugged my mom on Mother's Day.
But instead, we got to chat on the phone for a while. I love talking to that woman, she makes me laugh and we understand each other sooo much more than when I was a feisty teenager...
because now I'm a feisty wife and soon-to-be-mother, and she can relate to that:)
My mom really cares about every one of her five children.
Our lives are all on different levels right now and she is always in tune and aware of how we all are.
She's always been there to listen and gently guide, never forcing. I love her for that.
I have so much to learn from her while I start my journey in to motherhood.

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