We're having a BOY!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

On Thursday we found out we are having a little BOY:)
We were all smiles when we heard the news. My eyes got a little teary,
I feel one step closer to getting to know my baby, my SON!
(... yeah thats gonna be weird to say for a while.. but in a good way!)
The ultrasound was so much fun, we got to see him bouncing around
and we were told he is growing just right, it made us feel good to to hear
the ultrasound tech say things like, "just gorgeous" or "beautiful".
It just made me feel like everything is going okay for our little guy in my womb.

We got to see his cute little feet! These are what I feel kicking everyday all day, and I love it.

After our appointment, Derrick and I went to Barnes and Noble.
We split a slice of cheesecake and looked through five fat books of baby names.
Choosing a name is a toughie! I mean this is kind of important, right?
After being bombarded by hundreds of names we decided
we still have a few more months to think about it
so we ventured to Babies R Us and Baby Gap.
I didn't splurge too much...
BUT Gap was having a sale so we just HAD to buy some cute little onesies,
a pair of bite size jeans and some little shoes that Derrick picked out.
I've looked at these clothes like 3 times already.. (sigh).. I just love my baby boy already:)

Today we had dinner at Derrick's parents house.
His mom pulled out a couple of boxes full of Derrick's old baby clothes!
I am so excited that she kept some of them, needless to say I had mucho fun rummaging through the clothes and picking out some for our little boy.

He's gonna be so 80's vintage.

It seems almost unreal that I am halfway through this pregnancy.
I still feel great, not much nausea.
But just this past week I had some horrible pains in the lower right side of my back.
I called the doctor's office because it was starting to get super uncomfortable to walk around and
I spent three nights sleeping horribly because of the pain.
The nurse said it was probably my sciatic nerve, round ligament pain, or my back was out.
I ruled out my back being out because I've never had problems with my back before.
On the day we got the ultrasound, my doctor (who is also a pregnancy chiropractor) said my back was indeed out!
He said my hips were rotated and a couple ribs were out of place.
How does a person go around and not feel that??
Anywho he crunched me up and I left feeling great:)
But this week I have been indulging in lots of art projects that involve painting,
so when I feel my side hurt I know it's time to stop.
I feel like such an old lady!

20 1/2 weeks!

Here I am wearing a snug tee so everyone can get a good look at my bump.
Regular jeans are not really my friend anymore:(
jeggings are a preggo chick's bff:)

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  1. The last three months or so of my pregnancy Sam was constantly pushing up against my sciatic nerve! Other than that I LOVED being pregnant. It's such a neat experience. I am so happy for you and you are going to love having a boy! Congrats!
    *You are so cute prego!


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