Obsessive Compulsive Nesting Mode

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

According to parentingweekly.com, "Around the fifth month of pregnancy, the "nesting" instinct can set in. this is uncontrollable urge to clean one's house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the new baby, to tie up loose end of old projects and organize your world."

I feel relieved to know that my obsessive need to redecorate actually has a legitimate excuse!
I told Derrick we needed to "baby proof" the house... and he was in!
Before I bought a thing, I went through all my clothes
because apparently nesting mode is similar to spring cleaning.
THEN I made a quick buck selling my unwanted clothing at a fashion exchange store
and felt guilt-free on my search for a new 'piece' to add to our casa.

We call these our "little artichoke thingies".. they were my inspiration.

I found this piece of furniture at DI aka a thrift store for 40 buckaroos! It wasn't much to look at in the beginning, it was old and scuffed up and ready for a new life. My sister Lauryn and I had fun painting and refinishing it.

Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite places to find apparel and accessories. Their home decor section is pretty quirky and vintage-esque. I got my curtains from them. And my little not so secretive secret is that my picture frames.. are from Family Dollar! ... the trick is finding ones that can be beautified with a new coat of paint.

Next project: Baby Boy's nursery! I am so excited:)

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  1. Your place is soooooo cute! Such a creative mind you have :) keep up the posts! I love following xo


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