We heart our Dads...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!
Sunday was a nice day to celebrate another parent who made us who we are.
Derrick and I talked about some of the things we learned from our dad's growing up, our memories were funny and inspiring... oh the things our parents had to put up with..
In my Childhood Development class this semester, we have been talking about the things that kids need as they grow up. Yes the mother can feed them and nurture them and love them to pieces,
but dad's are so vital in a child's life!

I was blessed with a wonderful dad.
I remember as a kid, he was always rooting for me and encouraging me to be myself
...even if I was a little boisterous and quirky and slightly neurotic..
I had times when I stressed out about the silliest things: what to wear on Hippie Day, my science projects, if my school binder looked cool enough, and being so dang short!
My dad always found a way to make me feel confident and special and smart.
He's hilarious, he works hard, he's a friend to everyone, and always willing to help people.
My dad always puts the Lord and family first, what a good example that has been to me.
Because of him I was extra choosy when it came to finding my spouse, I needed someone that could measure up to the man I've looked up to my whole life!
And I am so glad I was, because I found the one just right for me and our future kiddos.

I owe so much to this man for being part of raising my husband!
Derrick's dad, Rick, is a great dad. Derrick always says, "My dad can fix anything!" and it's true, also thanks to Rick, Derrick is quite the handyman with our house and vehicles.
He taught Derrick and his siblings the value of hard work at a young age.
From the two years that I've gotten to know his dad,
I've noticed that Derrick has definitely learned patience and unconditional love from him.
Rick always has a giant friendly smile and babies love him!..
Well the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, does it:)

Bottom line: our dad's are amazing. We love you dad's!

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